Pricing Your Home

One of the most important decision you can make is determining the right asking price for your home. A properly priced property can be better marketed and promoted to bring more of the right buyers to your home. This will also ensure you can sell your home for the best price in the least amount of time.  

Knowing your market

A Comparative Market Analysis is a method of determining what a buyer is willing to pay for a home. This method of pricing compares homes that are similar to yours in your neighborhood that have sold recently and is a generally a great representation of what buyers are willing to pay. I will prepare a comparative market analysis for your property based on current information and together we will establish the right asking price for your home. 

Many sellers believe that if their property is priced high, they can lower it later. While you can change the asking price of your home, early activity if crucial with listings. As soon as a property is listed there is a large amount of activity surrounding it, realtors and potential buyers sit up and take notice. If the property is prices too high, interested parties will lose interest and by the time the price is lowered, the majority of buyers will have been lost.