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Houses for sale in Caledonia - The Community

Houses for sale in Caledonia provide the homeowner with a unique opportunity for rural life only 30 minutes of Hamilton Mountain. Caledonia is situated between Hamilton and Brantford at the intersection of highways 6 and 54. It’s located on the beautiful Grand River. Caledonia boasts a rich history and beautiful sceneries along the river. In particular, visit the Caledonia dam and walk along the Caledonia bridge to really take in this beautiful waterway. Better yet, enjoy the views on the water over lunch or dinner on one of the grand river lunch or dinner cruises (see links below).  

Houses for sale in Caledonia - The Housing Landscape

The housing market in Caledonia offers primarily single family homes. Some of the homes in Caledonia are over 100 years old and bring with them a lot of charm and character that is difficult to replicate. Additionally, there is a good supply of newer homes and updated subdivisions. One drive through this beautiful town and you’ll see why Caledonia is a charming place to call home.

Houses for sale in Caledonia - The Stats

Home prices in Caledonia have continued to trend upwards, and much like the rest of the real estate market. The upwards trend has escalated during the pandemic.

The cause of this increase, outside of low inventory and low interest rates, has been an influx of buyers looking to escape the city and move towards small town living with more space. Working from home has become a long term reality for many people. Caledonia offers spacious living where your dollars will go further to get you the home you want. Come and enjoy  the natural landscape that this community offer. 

If you have any questions about what is going on in the market or would like to know more, reach out today.

Houses for sale in Caledonia