Houses for sale in Burlington

Burlington Real Estate

Houses for sale in Burlington - The Community

When buying a home in Burlington, you join the #1 ranked community to live in and raise a family (Maclean’s, 2019). Located on the northwestern shores of Lake Ontario, Burlington boast a population just over 200,000. Houses for sale in Burlington are predominantly suburban. Notably, over half of the city is protected rural spaces; making homes in Burlington very desirable.

Take a Drive through the main core and you’ll find a number of local shops and restaurants that have a small town community feel while being only a short drive or GoTrain ride from Toronto. Burlington is a very welcoming community where you can also experience beautiful sunsets like the one featured in the photo above. 

Houses for sale in Burlington - The Home Landscape

Burlington is home to a healthy mix of housing types including luxurious single family homes, modest suburban homes, well designed duplexes, townhouses and a variety of condominiums. There is a housing option for every taste and need.  

Houses for sale in Burlington - The Stats

The value of houses for sale in Burlington have continued to rise, much like the surrounding areas. Factors such as proximity to Toronto and quality public transit, expansive protected green space, waterfront views adds to the popularity of the area. 

Also, similar to other areas in the region, few listings has created a backlog of buyers hoping to make Burlington home. If you’re looking to make to move to Burlington, preparedness is the key to success. Let’s talk today about how I can help you get ready to enter this market!