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Houses for sale in Binbrook - The Community

Houses for sale in Binbrook provide people to opportunity to live in close proximity to Hamilton, without being right in the city. Binbrook is located in the southeastern portion of Hamilton with a modest amount of agriculture space separating the two areas. Binbrook has added hundreds of new homes to its community since 2001 and continues to grow to this day. 

Binbrook is a thriving community, including a small local theatre, agriculture centre, grocery stores and restaurants. It is a great area to start or raise a family, or even retire. The Binbrook Conservation area on Lake Niapenco is a picturesque place to get away for a few hours and rent a kayak, canoe or paddle board and in the winter take advantage of the ice fishing. 

Houses for sale in Binbrook - The Housing Landscape

As mentioned above, there have been hundreds of new homes built in Binbrook since 2001 and Binbrook also offers some unique ownership options. From a physical structure standpoint, the majority of homes in Binbrook are either single family or townhouses. These townhouses and be classified as condominiums or as a Parcel of Tied Land (POTL). This ownership type provides all the freedom of freehold ownership with some of the amenities found with condominium ownership. If you’d like more information on this ownership type, contact me today. 

Houses for sale in Binbrook - The Stats

The housing market in Binbrook is fairly unique compared to other smaller communities surrounding Hamilton. An increase in construction leading to a larger supply of newer homes has helped Binbrook see an increase in home prices since early 2000s. 

The graph on the left indicates median house price in January of every year. In particular the 2021 market has seen dramatic increases in the price of homes, with many selling $100k+ over the asking price. There have been significantly less transactions therefore contributing to this upward trend.

If you’d like to know more about this market and how to navigate it, let’s set up a meeting today where we can discuss specific market trends, I can answer any questions you may have about real estate, and let you know how I can help you make your next move a great one. 

Houses for sale in Binbrook