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Homes for sale Flamborough - The Community

Homes for sale in Flamborough offer a wide variety of single family home options, opportunities for vast land ownership, large estates, as well as modular homes and parks. Nestled between highway 403 and 401, Flamborough encompasses a large geographic area to explore.

The Flamborough area provides individuals and families with space to grow or to settle down, yet maintains a quaint community feel.  

Homes for sale Flamborough - The Home Landscape

Homes in Flamborough offer two predominant types of ownerships: Freehold and land lease. Freehold homes are a traditional ownership model in which the individual owns the home and land. Within a land lease model, the individual owns the building while the land is leased from a corporation. Generally, land leases give the owner access to amenities (i.e., community recreation centres) and can cover maintenance of public spaces. 

For more clarification on these term see the glossary or reach out today and I can help you navigate these ownership types. 

Homes for sale Flamborough - The Stats

When reading this graph, it is important to look at the historical data for Flamborough. As you can see, there have been significant fluctuations in prices over time. The big changes in house prices are the result of two distinct factors: the first is that the lower number of transactions can contribute to big swings in generalized data. The second is the types of property that are being sold. If the types of properties are predominantly land leased, modular homes, then the median price will be driven down, with the opposite being true if the dominant property type being sold that month is larger estates. 

I am well equipped and ready to help you make sense of any statistics for the Flamborough area. If you have any questions or want to talk about the market I’m always happy to accommodate with no obligations. 

Homes for sale Flamborough